Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Links!

Leading off this week is a fascinating article about a baseball legend: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Dalkowski?

Maths expert Craig Miller sent in what is possibly the first camel-related link ever posted in this space: Intact Ottoman 'war camel' found in Austrian cellar.

From C. Lee, and all I can say is thanks a lot, assholes (ESA): Videogame Publishers: No Preserving Abandoned Games, Even for Museums and Archives, Because All "Hacking" is Illegal. Also, and this is excellent, Gabe of Penny Arcade talks to the local PTA: I spoke at our PTA about games.

Eric Higgins-Freese sends along an article about solar road panels (I had no idea): This Invention Will Change The World, Just Watch. The link is a Facebook video, so if those are toxic to you, be forewarned.

From Sirius, and these are quite excessively large: Giant Rabbits Make Excellent Pets, Just Sayin'.

From Nate Carpenter, and this will bring back some nice memories if you're as old as I am (and my condolences): LIVE AND DIRECT: THE DEFINITIVE ORAL HISTORY OF 1980S DIGITAL ICON MAX HEADROOM.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is stunning (it's the world's largest cave): Hang Son Doong. Next, and this is now a thing, it's China's Elite Female Bodyguards. Next, and this is a fascinating story: The Woman Who Hacked Hollywood: Laura Poitras’ name was once on terror watch lists. Now it’s on an Oscar. Here’s her personal journey.

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