Wednesday, April 08, 2015


It was my birthday last Saturday, and Eli 13.8 helped decorate the cupcakes:

I mustache you a question about my eye.

Oak trees are scourges of the earth. If you live where they don't,  you're lucky, because of this:

That brown stuff? It falls from oak trees at the rate of about a ton an hour. My car had been parked there for about ten minutes, and overnight, my car would be almost covered. And this goes on for several weeks.

I'm not even including a picture of when the pollen drop makes cars yellow (not exaggerating).

We went to play tennis the day after Easter, and take a look at this picture:

And this one:

You'll probably have to click on the pictures to see the detail, but all those little bits of color? Remnants of confetti eggs. It was all over the place, colorful happiness memories.

Eli got me a book for my birthday titled Darth Vader and Son, and it is funny and poignant as well. Here's a sample:

It is very, very funny.

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