Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Dream

I had a dream last night.

I was with Eli 13.9 and Gloria, and we all were talking. Eli is almost 5'9" now, and even though he's skinny (110 lbs.), he's ripped, so he towered over Gloria and made her seem very small in comparison.

I was saying something about how much he had changed, and I think I told a story about when he was just a small boy. They walked off together, into another room, and when they came back, Eli 13.9 had become Eli 3.5 again, wearing little overalls and a red shirt.

He was just beaming, with Gloria holding his hand, and I was so happy to see him. In a few seconds, though, I was so overcome that I started quietly weeping.

I woke up shortly after.

The dream made me think about how lucky we are that Eli really hasn't changed. That ball of energy that I nicknamed The Enthusiasm Engine is still inside him, and he's still as sweet and loving as he's ever been.

Yesterday, after I picked him up from school, we drove home and started playing our careers. He's playing as Connor McDavid in NHL, and I'm Enormous Bottoms in MLB. He went upstairs to play his career, and I stayed in the living room to play mine, and it was all so relaxing and peaceful. He left his door open, and we shouted updates back and forth. "Grand Salami!" I yelled as I hit a grand slam. "Oh, that did not just happen!" Eli shouted a few minutes. "Dad, you need to come see this!"

I did.

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