Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Isiah Thomas is an Ass

The guy who was very good at one thing--playing basketball--and absolutely, incredibly bad at everything else, has a new job. He's president of the WNBA New York Liberty, which is ironic, considering that while he was an executive for the New York Knicks (same building), he cost the parent company $11.6 million in a civil lawsuit brought because he was sexually harassing female employees.

My irony meter just melted. Red hot irony is burning my arm as I type this.

What makes this even more incredible, though, is that Thomas gave two interviews today in which he just denied that the jury in the civil suit found him responsible for anything.

That's an outright lie. It's not even borderline. It's an outright lie.

Here's one interview: Listen To Sexual Harasser Isiah Thomas Lie About His Sexual Harassment.

The second is with Dan Patrick, and it is absolutely worth listening to because Thomas goes to incredible lengths to avoid the elephant in the room: Isiah Thomas on the Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview) 5/6/15.

Thomas has failed at everything he's done since he left the NBA, and it's a long list. It boggles the mind that anyone will hire him for anything.

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