Thursday, May 21, 2015

NHL 16

NHL 15 was a huge disappointment last year. Big chunks of content were missing, and the content that was included had baffling and seemingly random omissions. It was a sad year for one of the truly great sports franchises.

However, the series has built up so much goodwill with me over the years that I'm still looking forward to this year's release. The feature set was released this week, and almost all of the content seems to have been restored this year. If you'd like to see the full list, here it is: Complete List of Features for NHL 16.

What I've always appreciated about this era of NHL is that, unlike Madden, the development team has never chased stupid innovation. Madden has had dozens of dubious features that have been introduced, then almost immediately abandoned, and the only reason they existed in the first place was to have something new to market. NHL has been sensibly forward-thinking, and I only hope that continues this year.

By the way, this is Eli 13.9s favorite game, bar none. No big surprise there.

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