Monday, May 04, 2015

The Golf Club (Season mode follow-up)

Upon further examination, there is definitely at least one hole in season mode that needs to be fixed.

I moved through two tours and made it to the pro-am tour, and that's when the scores started getting screwy. In some tournaments, the leading score was -13 (and at least half a dozen players had that score). 59 just isn't a credible score. That should be a blue moon event.

I've seen this in two event so far (I think the other one had a ton of guys at -10, and again, you're just not going to have ten guys shoot 62 in a tour event).

One other feature it would be nice to add, although this would involve a ton of development time. Back in the PGA Championship 2000 days (what a game that was!), when you were playing tour events, you actually played with other CPU players in the final round (I can't remember if it happened in other rounds, or if it was optional). It was tremendously dramatic, being in the final group on "Sunday" and playing out the round.

I've noticed a few other things as well, but in the plus category. Putting is much improved, which used to be the weakest part of the game. Sidehill lies affect the shot much more accurately than they used to. However, shooting to an uphill or downhill target still seems to have a smaller effect than it should.

All in all, though, this is a terrific game. And it fills a gaping hole in sports games right now.

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