Monday, May 11, 2015

Unlikely Careers and the Lowdown on House Hunters

A friend of ours moved to Illinois recently.

They looked at a house in particular--let's call it "House X" for no good reason whatsoever--but wound up not buying House X.

A friend of his who is also moving to Illinois (same company) saw House X and thought it was perfect. The only question was that there was a recent $12,000 insurance claim against it, and he wanted to find out why.

The lawyer didn't want to tell, but assured him it wasn't foundation, mold or water damage.

My friend was actually telling me this story at lunch the week before he left, and at this point I said "Oh my god--it's a dead body!"

Yes, it was indeed a dead body, and that insurance claim represented the "clean-up" costs.

The best part? The company that did the cleaning was called "Aftermath".

House X was purchased and is no longer on the market.

Also, my friend almost wound up on House Hunters, and he gave me the lowdown on how it actually works. The show's producers were interested in his family, and they told him to contact them when he had signed a contract on a house.

That's right. There's no showing of three houses in real life. Instead, the house a family already has a signed contract for is the one they "choose", and two other houses are found to maximize the differences between the couple.

So it's not real in any sense, even though Eli still enjoys watching it (so do I).

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