Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Big Update (well, it's big to me, anyway) Along With A Request For Advice

Here's where things stand.

Eli 14.8 tried out for three tier teams in Michigan. At the first, he was the final goalie cut. At the second, he was offered for the spring season, but couldn't accept because we haven't moved yet. The third was just a courtesy skate, because that team already had both goalies committed, but the coach was very nice and helpful.

Last night, the second team called him and asked him to play in a tournament with them in the middle of May in Detroit. It's a big tournament, and hopefully coaches from other teams will see him play and be interested.

However, whether he has a team or not, we're going to Michigan in mid to late June. There's a lovely little suburb west of Detroit we have our eye on, and that's probably where we're going.

So, we're moving. Not a "maybe" or a "probably" anymore.

Eli has worked his ass off, has had the best attitude any kid could possibly have about all this, and he has earned a chance to see what happens if he's on the hockey mainland instead of a hockey island.

Here's the advice section.

One, can anyone recommend a good moving guide? Good grief, it seems like there are a million things that have to get done in the next ten weeks, and we're already going to be gone on hockey trips for two of them. Having some kind of comprehensive list to look at would be very helpful.

Second, one of the things I'm concerned about personally is that I must have a kajillion websites/services/etc. where I registered with the e-mail address. That's going away as soon as we shut off Time Warner, so I have to migrate everything, and I mean everything, to my gmail address.

The problem is that I have no master list of all these places. I can get the major ones, but every one I miss is going to be very complicated to fix. So if any of you guys know of utility programs or whatever that could help with this, please let me know.

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