Thursday, November 17, 2016

American History, Sunsets, Furry Ninjas, and Otters

We may or may not be in Philadelphia right now. There's a hockey showcase there this weekend, but Eli 15.3 was sick as a dog on Tuesday (when this was written), so I don't even know if we're going.

"Hey, do you want to go see the Liberty Bell while we're in Philadelphia?" Gloria asked.

"No," I said.


"Zero interest," I said. "Sub-zero, actually."

"But it's a part of American History!" she said.

"But the name's not really accurate," I said. "More like the 'White Male Landowners Liberty Bell', am I right?"

Eli laughed.

I was kidding, but it does kind of amaze me how people block out the actual history of America in favor of the imaginary version.

Here are a few photos in and around our house, where it's still incredibly warm (mid 60s) compared to what it's usually like in Grand Rapids in mid-November.

Here's a sunset, and we were still playing tennis when I took that picture (although not very well, because I really couldn't see the ball anymore):

Here's our resident stealth ninja, who is quite a bit too fat to be stealthy at all:

Eli had games at his home rink last weekend, but before his game, another team was playing, and they had these phenomenal angry otter jerseys:

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