Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Well, There's a Lot Going On

It's kind of nuts here right now.

First off, though, it was 39F on New Year's Day, and wonderfully sunny, so I did a little scouting and found this:

I'm not sure you can see it in the photo, but one court still had a net. Holiday tennis, a tradition for many years, was on.

We played for an hour, and by the time we were done, I'd shed layers and gloves and it mostly felt like a normal tennis day.

Then it snowed 5+ inches last night and today, and it's not going to be above 25F for a week. Blowing snow, an ultra dark sky.

Today I was driving to the rink in a snowstorm, and when I parked and walked out, I saw an amazing crease in the clouds:

The photo doesn't do it justice.

Eli 14.5 has a showcase this week, and it's here, believe it or not. So they're playing teams from Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis, and we got to home after games and sleep in our own beds for a change.

Eli's had two very strong games in a row--1 goal on 62 shots combined--and he needs to keep doing it, because every game is against a very strong team from here on out.

I'm sitting at the rink typing this while Eli is doing a dry land workout, and as a bonus, I'm getting to watch Canada-Sweden in the World Juniors at the same time.

Current wind chill outside: -4F.

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