Monday, February 13, 2017

From The Wayback Machine

That picture was taken six years ago. Feels like six lifetimes ago. 

Eli 15.6s team played one of the premiere teams in the country on Saturday. It was part of a Hockey Fights Cancer weekend, and instead of 20 people in the stands, there were 200. 

The game was incredibly intense, and it was 1-1 for a long, long time. The third period was going against us, but Eli made a series of terrific saves and fought against the tide.

Then, with two minutes left, we scored. 

Suddenly, it was over. A 2-1 win, and Eli had 32 saves.

There's a website for hockey rankings, and the formula is pretty simple, so you can compare teams and parts of seasons in all kinds of different ways. In Eli's last five games, his team has played at a level equal to fourth best team in the country. 

I'm not going to tell him this. Preparation, not expectations. He doesn't need it in his head. But they are now a very dangerous team.

Here's a photo from this lifetime:

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