Monday, July 03, 2017

The Bachelor

Eli 15.11 and Gloria have been in Austin for the last five days. I'm flying down in the early dark tomorrow, and I'm crossing with Gloria in the airport (George can't be left alone as we try to manage his diabetes).

So I was on my own for five days.

I did what you expected--read Unity books and watched a billion tutorial videos--but man, I piled up the dishes over five days.

When they're not here, I sort of tend to not eat. I just snack on bars or whatever and get lost in stuff for hours at a time. Which is highly enjoyable, if not necessarily healthy.

Also, this is the greatest stuff EVER:

Yeah, it's upside down. I'm making you work for it.

This is chocolate that you can melt and use to make chocolate covered strawberries. The chocolate dries to a hard shell. I am a big, big fan of chocolate covered strawberries, and believe it or not, they are absolutely phenomenal when you use this chocolate, much better than any store-bought I've ever had.

By the way, here's my programming helper:

Maybe not much help, really.

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