Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The Golf Club 2 (a few notes)

Sorry, it's been a messy day and I just now sat down to write.

I've been playing a bit of GC2 lately, because it's relaxing, and somehow I got good.

Actually, it's not "somehow". I figured out something that I want to pass along in case you're playing.

I had a persistent fade on my shots and couldn't get rid of it. Worse, it wasn't entirely consistent. Even worse, it meant I couldn't draw my shot on holes where it was needed.

The game gives you good feedback on the forward swing (when you're using mouse swing, which is what I use). What it doesn't do, though, is give you feedback on the backswing.

I'd spent all my time trying to correct my forward swing, but after experimentation on the range, I realized my problem was in my backswing. In real golf, if you want to correct a fade, you want an inside-out swing, but in GC2, it's the reverse. You actually want to go a little out on the backswing, then straight or a little in on the forward swing.

Once I figured that out, I started hitting the ball straight (or nearly so) almost every time, and when I need to, I can draw the ball now with no problem.

There are some beautiful user-created courses available for GC2, and I like them much better than the stock courses. The courses in general are amazing, with the exception that they seem lack some of the elevation of real courses. Just a bit too flat, compared to real life.

Here are a few of my favorite courses (they tend to get easier the further down the list you go):
The Capybara Club
Dusty Lion (East)
Briarbanks Country Club
The Whitefang
Burrowing Owl Golf Club
Chambers Bay (beautiful links course)
Roseland Hills CC
Fisherman's Dock at South Bethany
Harps Pass Municipal GC
Northumberland Park UK

The Capybara Club, in particular, deserves mention, because it handles elevation in a very realistic manner. And it's very, very beautiful. It's also a beast, probably the toughest course I've ever played--extremely long, narrow fairways, and small greens.

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