Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Smart Shopper

I talked to one of my favorite people in Austin this week, and she told me a story about her 4-year-old son. This is Angie's story from here on out.

Jack eats breakfast, then I take him to preschool, and the first thing he does there is--eat breakfast. Which is fine, because he's so skinny, and I figure he needs the pounds.

He goes to preschool at 7:20, but one day last week, he came in at 7:05 and said, "Mum, can you take me to preschool now? It's important!"

I take him, but we're there so early that the building isn't even open yet. So we wait in the car for about 10 minutes, and then the doors open. He shouts, "Thanks, Mum!" and runs into the building.

When I pick him up after school, he says, "This is why I had to go to school early. Yesterday, they RAN OUT of chocolate milk."

"Jack, I can buy you chocolate milk at the store. You don't have to only drink it at school."

"I know, Mum, but this was FREE milk."

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