Friday, December 01, 2017

Friday Links!

Here's a fascinating look at the difficult economics of being an indie developer, even if you release a very good game: Game Dev Tycoon: iOS Release - Day 1 Analysis: A Rough Start.

For Disneyland fans: This Time-Lapse Video of Disneyland Transforming for the Holidays Is Truly Magical.

From Chris Meadowcraft, and this is brilliant madness: Spider drinks graphene, spins web that can hold the weight of a human.

From Steven Davis, and this is absolutely amazing: Earliest "recording" in music history! - 220 year old Joseph Haydn Organ. Creative and creepy: These Huge Victorian Dolls Gave London the Creeps for a Week.

From C. Lee, and this is fantastic: When Water Flows Uphill. Here's a wonderful interview: Nier’s Yoko Taro On Success, Drinking, And Death. This is messy and interesting: Microsoft says ASLR behavior in Windows 10 is a feature, not a bug. Not surprising, and I wonder if Fakespot catches this: Amazon Merchants Continue to Find Ways to Cheat.

From Wally, and this is a fine look from the wayback machine: From 10 days to nonstop: How London to Australia flights have changed.

Sentimental and very nicely done: Letter to My Younger Self.

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