Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Philosophical Differences

"There's a napkin right there," Gloria said, as I ignored it to get a paper towel instead.

"Why don't you use napkins with dinner?" she asked. "They're right there."

"There are two kinds of men," I said. "Paper towel men and napkin men. I'm a paper towel man. Things can happen with paper towels. There's a whiff of adventure in the air, of crisis that can now be averted."

"I asked," she said.

"Napkin men? What can you do with a napkin? You wipe food off your face. Napkins are only good in executive lunch rooms, where the worst thing that can happen is that your steak is mildly overdone."

"I still prefer napkins," she said.

"Enjoy that dinner in the penthouse," I said. "Meanwhile, I'll be marching in the streets with my paper towel, ready for anything."

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