Monday, February 19, 2018

A Winner, For Sure

"Here's what I want to see," I said. "A skater dressed as a puppet, beginning the free skate in a collapsed position on the ice."

Eli 16.6 laughs.

"Suddenly, he jerks to life!" I said. "He careens around the ice wildly, as if he's straining to break free of an unseen hand controlling him. In the background of the music, you hear a child's voice shout, 'I want to be a real boy!' "

"Oh, Dad," Eli says.

"Then he continues skating blah blah blah," I said. "That might win TWO gold medals."

Things come to your mind--bad things--if you watch the Olympics long enough.

I really think there's room in the Olympics for a team free skate event. That way, one skater could be a mime trapped in a box, and the other skaters on the team could form the box. Ratings bonanza.

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