Monday, October 08, 2018

Now, the Wait

Eli 17.2 finished his application to Princeton.

Submitted, won't hear anything until mid-December, if I understand the process correctly.

The thing about schools like Princeton is that for every kid who gets accepted, there are plenty of kids like that kid who don't. So it's merit based, but there's also an element of good fortune that you need as well, because the difference between applicants can be very, very small.

The first time I wrote about Eli was when he was version 1.0. I was putting together something called the "Rock 'N Bounce Zebra" for his birthday, and it was the first column I ever wrote for Gone Gold. I can't believe I've been writing about him for over sixteen years now, and he'll be going to college soon.

It all happened so quickly and so slowly.

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