Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Something That I Wondered Why It Wasn't Happening Is Now Happening

Thirteen goalies in the NHL had a total of fifteen concussions last year. A few were on contact plays, but most of them were from taking shots off the mask.

From TSN:
In response to the increase in concussions, the NHL has expedited expanded testing on goalie masks.

Currently, the masks NHL goalies wear must only pass a safety standard test, which was established in 2014-15. But that test only measures how a mask physically holds up to pucks shot at 75 mph or collisions, not the impact of shots on the head. 

That is the next step in the evolution of testing.

Energy transfer testing will examine how each manufacturer’s mask holds up to pucks shot at high speeds from all directions, measuring the impact on the head from each manufacturer using a sensor-equipped dummy inside the helmets. 

Well, DUH.

It's absolutely stunning that impact has never been tested. Just stunning.


Even more stunning: there was apparently no testing of goalie masks at all (not even to see how they "hold up") until 2014!

Athletes at the absolute highest level, wearing "protection" that has never even been evaluated beyond a cursory level. And that goes down from the highest level of hockey to any level of hockey--no real information on the effectiveness of goalie helmets in absorbing shock.

And where was the Player's Association? How did they not demand this testing take place years ago?

At least they'll be doing it now. This is at least a decade overdue, though.

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