Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Loyalist



"What would happen to the cats if we disappeared?" Gloria asked. A hypothetical, obviously.

"George would live on the porch," I said. "He would attack the mailman every day, and when someone bought the house, he would attack them until they went away. The house would be abandoned, and he would live on the porch forever, waiting for us to come back."

"That does sound like George," she said.

"Gracie would roll over on her back in the driveway when a new car pulled up. All she wants are treats, belly rubs, and a lap to sit on. The identity of the person who provides those things is totally irrelevant. That cat's as loyal as a skillet. "

The ironic thing is that George is around us less often than Gracie. He likes to go downstairs and sleep in Eli's room, and only comes up at intervals. Gracie has to be around us every second. But George is the one who would miss us.

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