Thursday, December 06, 2018

Just Cause 4: Just Don't

Square Enix released a statement today. In part, it said this:
Due to the complexity of Just Cause 4’s vast open world and advanced physics systems we understand that a number of you are experiencing various technical issues.

Wait, let me fix that for you:
Due to us releasing an alpha we understand that every single one of you is experiencing technical issues. Plus, it just looks shitty, am I right?

There you go. Happy to help.

It's been a long time since a major developer has released a game that's in such terrible shape, both technically and visually. The game can't be using final textures, because if they were, it would barely be PS3-level graphics. The much-touted new physics system is absolute crap--things feel incredibly floaty and insubstantial. The physics in Just Cause 3 were fine, and there was no need to replace them. They had to have something to put on the marketing checklist, though, and this is what they got: disaster.

Like I said on Tuesday, I actually refunded the game after about 40 minutes. It was clearly an alpha, and it was clearly an effort by Square Enix to do something shitty and get away with it. No sale.

This is an absolutely beloved series, and right now, only 33% of the 1,500 reviews on Steam are positive (and I bet 100+ of the positive reviews are from shill accounts).

I'm not sure how they come back from this. It would take at least two months, at an absolute minimum, to make this game playable, and four to six months is a much more reasonable estimate. It's a huge embarrassment for Square Enix, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if people get fired over this.

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