Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Scrabble, Strongly Modified

"Only band names are allowed," I said to Eli 17.7. "And you must announce the band's backstory before playing the tiles."

In alphabetical order:
--Aged Dr (Former doctor plays hip-hop at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.)
--Brats (Girls band similar to the Go-Go's. Popular at Six Flags.)
--Crank (Speed metal band. Norwegian. Two members currently in prison.)
--Defame (Black metal band. Lives in a van in the woods of North Carolina. Burned down the stage in their last appearance. No, they literally burned down the stage.)
--Douxlit (Cajun hip-hop based in Metarie. One member lost recently in gator attack).
--EIEIO (Band that only wears overalls and plays at county fairs)
--Elwis (Children's band that does Elvis covers)
--Evo (Band made up of scientists fighting disinformation. Rarely play in front of more than five people).
--Grinz (Similar to "Up With People." Primarily appears at churches and fairgrounds.)
--Isour (An angry rapper or a folk duet. Your call.)
--KBI (Bisexual rapper from Detroit. Recent hit song "Open For Bidness.")
--Nadir (Death Metal band from Winnipeg, Canada. Also refers to winter in Winnipeg.)
--Nags (Housewife band, plays locally at bookstores.)
--Nutter (Band made up of practicing psychologists. Plays at local bars.)
--Reefson (Surfer Band headed by son of local fisherman. Mostly gets high in the van.)
--Share (Band that plays the high school assembly circuit, with songs about the importance of sharing and good citizenship.)
--Sincipee (Slightly risque children's band "Sin Sippee", tile shortages were a problem in spelling)
--Trejo (Cover band that only plays songs from movies with Danny Trejo. Based in southwest.)
--VTOL (Band of ex-military pilots, shows Harrier footage in background of VFW shows.)
--Yadig (The hip-hop artist formerly known as "Yadown")
--Yeah (Slacker band. Plays twenty-minute jams.)

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