Monday, June 03, 2019

Battle Brothers: Lone Wolf

As it turns out, Lone Wolf mode in Battle Brothers is not what it sounds.

You start out as a single character, yes, and if that character dies, you lose, but you're still expected to add members to your company.

Unless you're really, really stubborn.

If you are, you eventually wind up with a level 15 dealer of death via both sword and hammer, cleaving and smashing three enemies at a time.

You also run away. A lot. You're basically Sir Robin with a giant sword.

The game really isn't designed to plunge along in this manner, so nothing is scaled to a one-person company. Fortunately, the retreat function is one of the best-implemented features in the game, because it very intelligently gets you out of the battlefield.

Archers? Run away. Ghosts? Run away. Big toad-like creatures? Run away.

That probably doesn't sound very satisfying, but in a role-playing sense, it gets weirdly interesting, because you REALLY have to role-play. So I escorted caravans (one skull missions), because then I had a few people to fight with me. Or I delivered packages, where I could make money while still running away from an ambush if needed.

One of the best things I learned was to head out of town right behind another company, which often consist of a dozen men. Bad guys/creatures tend to stay off the roads when those guys are coming through, and I'd run right behind them.

In a strange, slightly janky way, it was an entirely pure role-playing experience, and it was incredibly satisfying when I won a battle. Not for everyone, because it can be frustrating, but it's an interesting way to try to play the game.

I do have an archer now. I broke down and added one guy. There goes the peace and quiet.

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