Thursday, June 20, 2019

Fake Meat

Beyond Meat has been getting all kinds of attention because they did an IPO and their stock jumped to a million.

The taste, however, has generally been considered inferior to the "Impossible Burger," which is less widely distributed.

I was able to try an Impossible Burger last week, and as someone who loves hamburgers, it was pretty amazing. Once you put it between a bun and added lettuce/tomato/cheese, I could barely tell the difference between it and real meat.

Okay, I added bacon, but still.

It was lighter in my stomach, too, after the meal. So I had a full hamburger experience (it was a big burger), but without the heaviness that I often feel after eating a big burger.

So this is the real deal, at least for me, and it's still plant-based. Once the technology to grow meat from cells matures and the price comes down, look out.

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