Friday, June 07, 2019

Friday Links!

Really stumbling into the weekend after being at parent orientation, but let's have a go, shall we?

Leading off, from David Gloier, and what an incredible story: My Grandfather’s Secret D-Day Journal.

Excellent links from C. Lee, as always. First, it's The Glossary of Happiness. This is an excellent read: The Great British Tea Heist. This is amazing: Civil War Plant Remedies Actually Fought Off Infections, Study Finds. This is remarkably innovative: This Ink Is Made From Air Pollution. Now these are some handbags: Planetario: a Series of Leather Bags that Mimic the Surface of the Moon. This is useful: The five universal laws of human stupidity.

From Wally, and these are spectacular images: These Aren’t Your Ordinary Data Centers. This is an interesting read: Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used to Be. A fascinating story: Edgar Rice Burroughs Hunted the Apache Kid.

From Geoff Engelstein, and who knew? When Bees Go Rogue, Call the NYPD.

From Steven Davis, and this is both amazing and alarming: AI Researchers Created an Uncanny Video of the Mona Lisa Talking.

From author Doug Walsh, and boy, is it dumb: Oh, deer: Documents reveal FBI once tested hair an Oregon man thought was from Bigfoot.

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