Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Links!

We're light this week, but that means people are on vacations, so it's a good thing.

Leading off this week, a couple of connected links. First: 1957 Pacoima mid-air collision,  involving planes and schoolchildren and raw tragedy. What distinguishes this particular incident, though, is that CBS Radio Workshop did an episode where they interviewed the parents and children. It's mesmerizing, and it's here: Heaven is in the Sky.

An excellent read: How many people did it take to colonize Australia?

From C. Lee, and this is thought-provoking: The mindfulness conspiracy. This is fascinating: 3 Brothers From Baghdad and Their Remarkable 9th-Century Book of Inventions. Spooks! A CIA-Issued Rectal Tool Kit for Spies. This is terrific: ‘Bread is practically sacred’: how the taste of home sustained my refugee parents. This is amazing: How modern life is transforming the human skeleton.

From Wally, and it's quite clever: Synchronized Screen Juggling. This is excellent: The mystery of the famous lost author. This is fascinating: India's City Where People Come to Die.

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