Monday, June 24, 2019

I Think This Is It

I'm in an airport in Austin.

I've been here for almost six hours because of flight delays. The only place in the state it was lightning (or even raining), of course, was Austin.

I've been rerouted, so instead of getting into Grand Rapids at an already late 9:50 p.m., I fly to Midway from Austin in another two and a half hours and then (entirely theoretically) make a connecting flight to GR and arrive at 12:50 a.m. Which will have taken me, all told, fifteen hours. I could actually drive it in twenty-two!

This is the third trip in a row where I either missed a connecting flight and had to stay overnight somewhere or had a flight delay of over four hours.

At this point, I seriously doubt I'm ever taking a connecting flight again. Not even kidding. I'd rather drive 2-3 hours from an airport into Austin than take a non-direct flight, because it seems like those just don't work anymore.

I'm consistently stunned by what an awful experience it is to fly now. It's gone from just being inconvenient and annoying to downright hellish.

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