Monday, September 23, 2019

A Visit

I saw my boy on Saturday.

All of the following things are true.

I'm so happy for Eli 18.1, because he loves Michigan.
I am doing many fulfilling and difficult things, now that I have more time.
The rewrite, the last one, of the novella is going very well.
I enjoy practicing golf.
I now know 583 words in Spanish, if someone walks up to me and asks a multiple choice question.
I miss him terribly.

Eli walked on to the rock climbing team (remember all those camps when he was a kid? Yeah, he's still really good, and now he's got a 6'4" wingspan and huge hands)). It's perfect for him, because it's four hours of workouts a week, so he still has time for everything else, which is everything, because he's doing it all.

He ordered some rock climbing essentials, but forgot and had it sent to the house instead of to school. I volunteered to drive it down.

Sometimes it's hard to understand how much you miss someone until you see them.

We hung out on Saturday morning, had breakfast, talked nonstop for an hour and a half, both smiling the whole time. It was just like it's always been, and I hope it never changes.

Do you know how happy someone can be when they're 100% engaged with every minute of their day? That's Eli right now. He's the Enthusiasm Engine to a degree beyond normal humans.

Of course, he never was normal. Ever.

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