Thursday, September 05, 2019


I mostly stopped working on The Man You Trust this summer, because I wanted to spend that time with Eli 18.1.

I did make about thirty pages of notes, though, and I'm in the process of incorporating them, although it will probably take until roughly Thanksgiving.

At that point, or soon after, I think it will be done.

I'd like to have Fredrik do a few more images (although, at this point, I'm not sure what they'd be), but beyond that, I think it will be time to let it go.

This is theoretically part of a three novella arc, and I have a good portion of the plot done for the first story. The Man You Trust is the middle story of the three.

I now have a Spanish vocabulary of 250+ words, although that is probably only accurate in a multiple choice or flashcard setting. I'm almost certain that people don't talk in multiple choice, although I'm hopeful.


Eli called me yesterday and said that his Spanish class had him and 21 upperclassmen. Well, upperclasswomen, I guess, because they're all girls. He was not displeased.


Here are a few very brief notes about the upcoming NFL season.
1. The Cardinals will be terrible.
That ultra-high speed offense has a foundation, which is the offensive line, and the offensive line of the Cardinals is maybe the worst in the league. Plus, Kliff Kingsbury was not even a good head coach at Texas Tech, so he can be The Quarterback Whisperer all he wants, but it's going to be very, very ugly.
2. The Raiders are a dumpster fire.
The Raiders wanted "all character guys," but that's not what they mean. What they mean is 'entirely obedient guys', which is not character at all. Jon Gruden is a big bag of gas, and that organization is a real train wreck. They appear to be far, far out of their league.
3. Here's the obligatory Tom Brady Demise mention. He's not in the first tier of quarterbacks at this point, but he's still in the upper half of tier two, which is pretty impressive for someone his age. But his arm strength isn't there anymore, because any time he throws more than 20 yards downfield it looks like a punt. That's what happens to guys as they age, and he's not immune. He was lousy in the Super Bowl, but they still won, so kudos. I think he's going to drop off significantly this year, but I said that the last two years, too.
4. Kansas City will be more fun to watch than the rest of the NFL combined.

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