Friday, December 27, 2019

Friday Links!

Space nerd alert! Apollo Flight Controller 101: Every console explained. This is truly the best video: This Rescued King Penguin Loved Going To The Fish Market So Much That His Family Taught Him How To Buy Fish On His Own.

From Wally, and seriously, the Smitch? Check out the Nanica Smitch, a terrible Nintendo Switch rip-off. These are fantastic: Best Illusion of the Year Contest. This is excellent: The 1968 sci-fi that spookily predicted today. Only for the very, very brave: And now, eight hours of vintage department store holiday music. Truly, this man is the best of us: Delivery Driver uses Icy Driveway against itself. A terrific story: Star Wars: The Leicestershire factory at the centre of a toy galaxy.

From C. Lee, and it's a remarkable technology (and images): Historical Photos of Japan Brought to Life Using Artificial Intelligence Colorization. This is quite interesting: Sucker bet (a thought experiment). Fascinating: This Watch Is Made for the Blind but Is Wildly Popular with the Sighted. Hmm: Ewoks Are the Most Tactically Advanced Fighting Force in Star Wars. I'm all in: How Brazilian Chefs Are Using the Fruit That Can Turn Anything Blue. Amazing in both versions: 18th Century ‘Wind God and Thunder God’ Painting Recreated in LEGO. This is such an awesome story: Andrew Garrido taught himself piano on a paper keyboard.

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