Wednesday, January 01, 2020

The Micro Chef

I was hungry.

What I really wanted was nachos. This was problematic, because Taco Tuesday was coming up in two hours, and tamales had been added as a New Year's bonus. I wanted tamales, but I wanted nachos now.

Then I had an idea: what if I didn't make nachos? What if I made a nacho?

Selecting the perfect chip took a while. Then lining up the individual strips of cheese in parallel, then another layer to cross-hatch. I used an avocado.

Three seconds in the microwave, then three more.

Gloria came home. "Hey, I used an avocado," I said. "I was cooking."

"I need those for guacamole," she said.

"I looked it up on Google and sprinkled lemon juice on what was left, so that it would stay fresh," I said.

"Well, thanks for doing that," she said.

Eli 18.4 walked in as Gloria walked off. "Dude, I made a nacho," I said.

"You made nachos?" he asked.

"No," I said. "I made a nacho."

Eli started laughing. "A nacho?"

"That's right," I said. I showed him the picture:

"Oh my god, you did make a nacho," he said. "How did it taste?"

"Just like you think it would," I said.

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