Thursday, January 07, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, from DQ Literary Advisor John Harwood, a magnificently written and poignant story: The Last Two Northern White Rhinos On Earth.

Here's something I ran across, and it's unbelievably elegant: Brazilian Longboard Dancing.

From Wally, and it's ray-tracing from a retro perspective: I bought a $600 graphics card to play Quake 2 with ray tracing. Oops: HG Wells fans spot numerous errors on Royal Mint's new £2 coin. An award-winning, fantastical image: resting for a bit. Incredible: The last Civil War widow has died.

From C. Lee, and it's a terrific history of the Xbox: Xbox: The Oral History of an American Video Game Empire. There is an utterly delightful story in this interview: Ray Bradbury at 100: A Conversation Between Sam Weller and Dana Gioia. Here's The Digital Antiquarian with a fantastic retrospective on flight simulators: The Dream of Flight. This is terrific: From Church Key to Pop Top, a Look Back at Canned Beer. This is surely the greatest story ever: a good time to share the greatest movie star story ever about Roger Moore. This is an excellent read: My two weeks with John le Carré. These are fantastic: The Best Illusions of the Year are 2020's Last Attempt to Break Your Brain.

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and hopefully you'll be able to travel there soon: 15 Bizarre Museums to Add to Your Next U.S. Road Trip.

From Chris Meadowcraft, and it's amazing: 2000-Year-Old Snack Bar Unearthed in Pompeii,

From Eilidh, and it's both entertaining and baffling: In 2017, UK water companies still rely on “magic”.

This is from David Gloier, and it's the most magical, impossible thing I've ever read (Meg McReynolds alert!): Researchers Seek to Demystify the Metabolic Magic of Sled Dogs.

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