Thursday, January 14, 2021

Friday Links!

From Jonathon W., and all I have to say is sea shanties! The progression is amazing: TikTok is making sea shanties big again.

Here's something that's a respite from the madness: Somebody matched scenes from Peanuts TV specials to "Roundabout" and the results are excellent

From Wally, and this is interesting: A Brief History of Naval Wargames. These are excellent: 18 Maps Of The United States That Made Us Say "Whoa"

Fantastic links from C. Lee. First, it's fascinating look at Japan in the 1930s: Japanese lessons for the American coup. This is a fascinating story: Inside The Historic Moment When Martin Luther King And Malcolm X Met For The First And Only Time. An absolutely astonishing bit of history: ‘Well, What Do You Mean, We Can’t Join the Klan?’ An absolutely remarkable man: Meet Paul Grüninger, The Forgotten WW2 Hero Who Defied Orders To Save Thousands Of Jews. An excellent look at design: Why Is it So Hard to Design a Good Can Opener?  It's a solved problem, by the way: This ‘Sick’ Japanese Can Opener Might Truly Be the Best. This is a lengthy, amazing read: What Japan's Wild Snow Monkeys Can Teach Us About Animal Culture.

From Steven Davis, and I have no words for the level of strange here: TEQBALL - Teqball World Championships 2019.

From David Gloier, and this is so cool (John Harwood alert): Defunctland VR Lets You Experience A Classic Disney Ride 25 Years After It Was Closed. This is a fascinating detective story: A CIA spyplane crashed outside Area 51 a half-century ago. This explorer found it.

From Meg McReynolds, and it's Rodent Team Six: Watch: In 1948, Idaho Officials Sent 76 Beavers Parachuting Into Idaho’s Wilderness.

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