Thursday, January 21, 2021

Friday Links!

Leading off this week, an astonishing story (and the songs are mesmerizing): Saving the Songs of South Korea’s Female Divers.

From Wally, and this is beautiful: The folding process of origami Samurai Warrior. This is a fascinating story: The Victorian sci-fi pioneer who imagined our world then vanished in time. This is a terrific read: The Catalpa Rescue: The story behind one of Australia's most incredible prison escapes. The payoff is so worth it: Cleaning snow off a roof in Japan. These images are so stunning: Wonderful Colorized Portraits of Russian Fighters In World War 2.

From Meg McReynolds, and these are delightful: Writer/Comedian Joe Mande’s Awesome DIY Cap Embroidery. This is remarkable: See What Happens When You Tickle a Rat | National Geographic. I would eat in this restaurant: 'Not that good': Montreal restaurant's brutally honest menu pulls in the customers.

From C. Lee, and it's a terrific read: The Crooked Geometry of Round Trips. So is this: A Brief HIstory of Hovis Bread: the Bread That Made This The Most Famous Hill in Britain. And a parody: The Two Ronnies - their classic 1978 'Hovis' Advert. Another fascinating bit of history: A Brief History of Peanut Butter. This is excellent: Medieval Wisdom for Mental Health in COVID-19.

From David Gloier, and this is amazing: Caligula’s Gardens, Long Hidden Beneath Italian Apartment Building, to Go on View. That's aggressive: Enormous pigeon-eating catfish wreaking havoc on Europe’s ecosystems.

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