Wednesday, January 27, 2021

It's About Time

I got to go snowshoeing today for the first time this winter.

We're about 35" inches below normal snow levels in Grand Rapids. It's been warm, and it's been dry. The lake hadn't even frozen over until recently (not Lake Michigan, the little lake near my apartment). 

There are plenty of groomed trails within half an hour drive, but I always prefer to go to the lake. It feels so open and relaxing, and all you see are fishermen, usually. It's just another house for them. 

People in Michigan are big on all kinds of houses, and buy as many types as they can. There's the regular house, and the summer cottage, and then the little fishing house that is usually about the size of a small shed. 

Anyway, groomed trails are nice, but the views when I'm on the lake are so beautiful. Examples:

The second image includes a fishing hut that's actually a tent instead of a wooden hut. 

When I'm heading out on the lake, I'll see little trails in the snow where people have been dragging their fishing stuff (you can see one on my right in the second picture). And occasionally I'll see a trail from cross-country skies. 

It's going to stay cold, with another decent snow coming Saturday-Sunday, so it looks like I'll be able keep doing this for a while. 

One of my snowshoes has a squeak, so every time I take a step with that foot, it sounds like a duck quacking. This was very annoying, until I realized I could pretend that an actual duck was walking beside me. 

After that, it was quite pleasant.

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