Tuesday, February 23, 2021

An Exceptional Day

It's been below freezing here for about two weeks, and there was about 20" of snow in that time. There were huge piles of ploughed snow everywhere, and parking lots were slowly losing spaces as the snow took up more and more room.

Yesterday, it peeked above freezing. 

Today, it's 42F and sunny, and the city has come out of hiding. Everyone is outside, and every low point has a pond of melting snow. It feels like I escaped something, which is how it always feels on the first day when winter retreats.

I went for a walk, like everyone else, and on the other side of the street I saw a grandfather and his granddaughter walking down the street, singing.

In other very important news, I received a call today from "The Department of Visa and Mastercard." It's apparently quite prestigious, or so I'm told.

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