Monday, February 22, 2021

We Have An Incident In Sector 9

I went snowshoeing last Thursday. 

15F. 8" of fresh powder. A snow-covered lake. Man, it was beautiful. 

I normally stay along the shoreline, no more than fifty yards away from land, but I saw plenty of fishing huts much further out, so I decided to go as far as I could across the lake. 

I'd gone about a mile or so, basically halfway, and decided that my goal in the future was going to be to cross the lake and return. 

Almost ready to turn back, I went about another ten steps or so, just to be sure I'd gone more than halfway. 

My snowshoes felt a little strange. 

It's a difficult sensation to describe, but it felt like I was getting bogged down a little. It kept happening, and finally, I looked down and saw that there was slush around my snowshoe. 

Slush. Hey, that's not ice!

I could see the headline: "Moron Drowns on Small Lake." I figured it was possible that there was slush on top of solid ice beneath, but as I had no competency to evaluate the situation, I decided to back the f--- up and go directly back to shore. 

Which I did. 

It's disconcerting, seeing slush under your snowshoes. And to be clear, it was definitely more on the water side than the ice side. 

Since this is Michigan, there wouldn't have actually been a derisive headline. They probably would have started a GoFundMe for funeral expenses.

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