Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Welcome to the Dubious Weather Blog

That's what it's seemed like lately, anyway. 

A very good friend of mine told me a story once about his father-in-law. His father-in-law loved Olive Garden, because, as he always said, "you can't beat that salad."

Olive Garden does have quite a tasty all-you-can-eat salad. Even my cold, jaded heart will admit that.

Anyway, because of that conversation, he now sends me funny Olive Garden-related stories whenever he sees one, and it's a double laugh. Here's what he sent me last Friday (this is an Instagram post he saw online, credit to "Sigh, it's Ashley"):
I waitressed at olive garden for years
and no amount of training can
prepare you for the number of men
who think its okay to propose to their
girlfriends in an olive garden on 
valentine's day.

No, I don't imagine anything could.

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