Tuesday, March 30, 2021


If you're getting an MRI on your wrist, you'll be laying on your stomach and putting your arm over your head into a constraint that holds it in place. Your other arm will be tightly around a pillow that you hug to your chest, because the MRI machine is very narrow, so there's almost no room. 

You may want to get it over with, so when you feel minor discomfort with the positioning of your arms, you'll say it's fine and move on. 

If you do this, both of your arms will be numb within ten minutes, and the MRI will be very unpleasant, indeed. 

So make sure that you are absolutely, 100% comfortable with the position your body is in before starting the MRI.

Not that I know any dumbasses this happened to or anything. And I didn't have an MRI on my wrist Friday night. Definitely not.

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