Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Spring Golf and Vaccine Limbo

Playing golf at Indian Trails in the middle of March up here felt like I was robbing a bank and walking out scot-free.

[diversion: "scot-free" actually refers to not paying taxes, as "scot" refers to various taxes and was originally used in the 11th century.]

Eli 19.7 was hitting bombs, as expected, but all the work I did on my swing (one-handed) last fall while my wrist was recovering has apparently paid off, because I also hit pretty well. 

The eighth hole borders a cemetery, and all that separates them is a low wooden fence. Eli asked me if I thought anyone chose a plot closer to the fence because they wanted to be closer to the course. 

I told him I didn't know about the cemetery plot, but if I was the kind of person who wanted my ashes scattered, I might choose to have them scattered on this course, because I had so many wonderful memories of walking the course with him and just being together. 

I have been really, really fortunate.

I'm in a strange kind of limbo right now, because I've been been vaccinated (first dose), but not enough time has elapsed for me to build up any real immunity. So I still really can't do anything that I couldn't do before, but the temptation has been added. 

April 19. That will be two weeks after the second dose. Then I can open up a little. 

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