Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Books and Covers and Such

I had a funny thought today. 

I think I have a lot of funny thoughts. Sometimes, they're actually funny. 

I was walking around the neighborhood today (I'm trying to do that every day now, both to maintain a minimum level of fitness and to clear my head), and I was thinking how funny it would be if other people could hear what you're listening to. 

I mean, I look like the whitest white guy on the planet. I'm always mistaken for some other, more important white guy, precisely because I look so white. 

So I wonder what these people would do if they knew what I was listening to on my earbuds while I walked past them. 

Like Curtis Mayfield: Freddie's Dead, or Pusherman, or Superfly. Three of the baddest funk tracks ever, as far as I'm concerned. Or Parliament/Funkadelic. Or Prince. 


If that music sharing could happen, I think the person walking by would start looking around for someone else when they heard my music. Maybe reboot their phone because the app was clearly malfunctioning. 

Behind every introvert, there are interesting sub-plots.

Oh, and I was walking around taking pictures of tulips while I was listening to this. Heh. 

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