Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Training Table

During my fever dream period Monday night, I had an idea. 

I have lots of ideas. Many of them are stupid. Make your own determination here.

This would be called "Training Table," and it would be a series of frozen meals specifically tied to college football programs. So you'd have the Crimson Tide version of Training Table, or the Wolverine version. 

The people in charge of athletic nutrition at the universities would come up with half a dozen or so different food combinations for frozen dinners, based on what their athletes eat. So you'd be eating the same food as an Alabama linebacker (pure marketing), if you were an Alabama fan. 

The most popular players from that season would have their names/images on the box, and they'd get a cut of the profit.

So for obsessed college football fans (they are legion), it would be a chance to eat like their favorite program and feel even closer to their team. 

Plus, if you ate a bajillion of these meals for a specific team, you'd "win" a limited edition commemorative coin or something, which you could resell for big bucks (again, pure marketing).

Profitability pyramid (scheme):
1. Schools make money. 
2. The athletes on the boxes make money.
3. Consumers get coins they can resell to recoup all the money they spent on the meals (theoretically). 

It feels like a money printing opportunity. 

No, I'm not still feverish. I can see why you'd ask, though.

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