Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Well, There Was One

One of the things that has consistently amazed me about Eli 19.8 is that the moment never seems too big for him. I never met anyone else like that. 

Today, though, Gloria sent me a picture that reminded me there was one moment. 

Have a look:

Some of you will undoubtedly remember Eli 4.9s long-running crush on Ariel in "The Little Mermaid." He had an Ariel doll that he took into the bath every night, and Gloria had to dry it off so he could sleep with it, too. 

Of course, we watched "The Little Mermaid" so many times. So, so many times. 

When we went to Disneyland and he got a chance to meet the "real" Ariel (as far as he knew), he was so shy that he couldn't even talk. Wouldn't sit in her lap. 

But, if you enlarge the picture, you'll see the slyest of sly smiles. 

He still has that smile, to no one's surprise. He just doesn't use it with mermaids anymore.

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