Monday, August 02, 2021

Dear Aardvark

There's a Dear Abby ripoff called "Dear Annie." I look forward to Dear Angler and Dear A-Train, which should both be coming soon.

I saw this headline today:
Dear Annie: Our friend is deep in debt, asked us for money and hasn’t told her husband. What should we do?

Is this really a situation where we need to bring in Annie? Shouldn't we be saving her Yoda-like wisdom for more complex matters? When I try to answer questions, I always use the Run Like Hell threshold. Before I spend any length of time trying to evaluate a situation, I ask myself if the question is above or below that threshold. 

If it's below, I know exactly what to do.

I feel like in this particular situation, the situation is obviously below that bar.

Actually, I could use that concept to start my own advice column. 
Dear sir or madam,
In answer to your question, run like hell. 
The Aardvark

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