Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Calling for Information

Someone I've been friends with for 30+ years and consider part of my family called me on Tuesday. 

From the hospital. Because he had a heart attack on Monday night. 

Two arteries blocked, and the doctors told him if he'd come in 30 minutes later, he wouldn't have made it. 

Heart attacks present themselves in tricky ways. He said it felt like heartburn, and he took a Tums and felt better, so he went in to work and worked all day. That night, it got worse, and he had someone take him to an urgent care, which quickly turned into an ambulance ride into the hospital and an angioplasty. 

Here's my question: for those of you who've had heart attacks (hopefully not many), how did the aftermath affect you? I mean emotionally, not physically. Did it cause any kind of major mood shift? Did it make you examine anything in your life (beyond nutrition) and make changes? 

Any information I can gather for him would be much appreciated. 

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