Thursday, February 17, 2022


I thought I was being smart. 

This, in itself, is usually disastrous. However, I ignored the past results of this moment and plunged forward.

It seemed simple enough. It got up to 50F yesterday, and also rained very hard, and the combination of the two melted an enormous amount of snow and ice, particularly on the sidewalks, where there were long stretches of ice 2-3". 

There's a snowstorm coming this afternoon. 

Combining all this information, and I thought the smart thing to do was go for a walk this morning, while the sidewalks were still clear. After yesterday, it was a sure thing that the ice was 100% melted.

As it turned out, though, the ice wasn't 100% melted. It was 80% melted, and the remaining 20% was clear ice. 


What ensued was a 45-minute walk where I spent much of the time running in place like a cartoon character, complete with Hanna-Barbera sound effects.

I didn't fall, which was an achievement, although I did walk like a penguin on frequent occasions. 

One of the interesting things about living up north is that people don't seem to care if they fall. They do all kinds of things in winter that guarantee they'll eventually fall, and they do and then just get up and go on with their lives. 

It's a point of stoic acceptance that I may never reach. 

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