Thursday, June 30, 2022

Friday Links!

Tough week, but better days ahead. 

From Wally, and this country is doing its best to lose its mind: Anatomy of a book banning. So, so strange: Welcome to Ponyhenge—a Massive, Mysterious, and Ever-Growing Graveyard for Rocking Horses in Massachusetts. A specific history: Chipped Beef: history of the meal soldiers love to hate

From C. Lee, and this is unreal: Years after Brigham-Harvard scandal, U.S. pours millions into tainted stem-cell field. This is an excellent read: What would happen if we stopped using plastic? I wouldn't shed any tears: Does the tank have a future? So bizarre: Why American Leaders Relish Hot-Dog Diplomacy. This is just fantastic: What’s Up With Columbia, Maryland’s Quirky Street Names? What a great idea: Universal Baseball: One Japanese Man’s Mission to Create an Accessible Pastime for Disabled Children

From Ken P., and this is fascinating: Plants Appear to Be Breaking Biochemistry Rules by Making 'Secret Decisions'. Interesting: How do planets get rings? Well, this could be awful: Poliovirus detected in sewage from North and East London. Historical shenanigans: Historians Divulge The Most NSFW Facts From History. Tom Hiddleston is amazing: Tom Hiddleston impersonation at Popcorn Taxi: Owen Wilson as 'Loki'. 

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