Monday, November 14, 2022


I went to Austin to see my mom this weekend. 

It was only a Friday-Monday trip (I'm in the airport now, waiting for my flight back), and I was with my mom most of the time. Which was great, because I hadn't seen her in-person since last June (because of the accident, I missed a winter trip).

I enjoyed Austin more this time because I stopped thinking of it as Austin. It has the name, but when I moved here in the 1980s, it was a dive. That's what made it great, too. There was literally one restaurant in town where you could get an expensive meal. Now there are a hundred, at least. 

When I look at Austin as a new city, though, I'm able to appreciate it more. For a huge city, it's generally much less annoying that its peers, and it's still fun. So maybe I found my peace with it this time. 

The paperback proof of The Man You Trust is coming today. I wouldn't be at this point if lummoxjr (also known as Lee Gaiteri, who is a phenomenal writer and has an Amazon page here) hadn't volunteered to take over the formatting process. I thought it was simple, but it was much, much more complicated than I expected. 

What does that mean for publication? If the proof doesn't have errors, I think it will go live between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which seems like a holiday miracle in its own right. 

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