Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A Thought

Watching the NCAA Tournament last weekend, I was reminded of how much coaches are ruining the entertainment value of college basketball. 

They get five timeouts a half. FIVE. And they use these timeouts to engage in a staggering level of micro-management, which is the absolute opposite of fun. 

If it was legal for a coach to be on the court as long as he wasn't touching the court, I guarantee you most of the D1 coaches would force a player to carry them piggyback for the entire game so they could constantly yell instructions in their ear. 

This weekend, though, I had a wonderful idea. Let coaches have as many timeouts as they want. They can call ten timeouts a half, if they want to. 

Each timeout costs them two points. 

What I enjoy most about this is how it would put coaches into this infinite loop of min-maxing that would paralyze most of them. The mental calculus would be staggering. 

It would be delicious. 

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