Thursday, September 21, 2023

Friday Links!

A bleary Friday Links post, to be sure. Still trying to get past jet lag.

This is incredible: A bird’s eye view of quantum entanglement.

From Wally, and I've always wondered about this: Why McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken and How To Fix Them. This is astonishing: The R. Bradley Lathe - Home-made in a Prisoner of War Camp. A terrific read: Interview with the last man standing in the floppy disk business.

From Jonathon W., and there are some amazing images and stories here: “What Working On The Same Spot For 41 Years Does To The Floor”: 50 Pics Of Worn-Down Things

From David Gloier, and it's quite a find: The largest dinosaur footprint on Earth discovered by archaeologists in the United States

From C. Lee, and there's a huge scandal in tennis (three parts, all Washington Post): 
The Maestro: the man who built the biggest match-fixing ring in tennis
THE UNRAVELING: How a small-town police officer took down the largest match-fixing ring in tennis.  
Five key findings from The Post’s investigation of match-fixing in tennis

Also from C. Lee, and it's fascinating: Humans Have a Third Set of Teeth. New Medicine May Help Them Grow. An excellent read: How to Destroy a Creative Industry (And How to Save It). This is no surprise: OpenAI confirms that AI writing detectors don’t work. This is terrific: The Revolutionary Influence of the First English Children’s Novel

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